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Severino Is First Woman To Lead Ministry Of Justice

She Is A Prominent Criminal Defense Layer And Academic

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Valentina Pasquali

America24, 17 novembre 2011, 18:08

There will be three women serving in Italy’s new government, led by incoming Prime Minister and former European Commissioner Mario Monti. And none of them has ever worked as a TV showgirl.

Beside Elsa Fornero, who’s the new Minister of Welfare, and Anna Maria Cancellieri, who will take over the Ministry of the Interior, PM Monti appointed well-known criminal defense lawyer and professor of Law Paola Severino Minister of Justice (the Italian equivalent to the American Attorney General).

At the time of her appointment, Severino, who is originally from Naples and sixty-three years old, was vice president of Rome’s Luiss “Guido Carli” Univerisity, where she had previously headed the department of Law between 2003 and 2006.

In the past, she served as the vice president of the Military Judiciary Council. Over the course of her career, Severino, who is reportedly very wealthy, has held numerous teaching positions at some of Italy’s most important universities and has defended in court several high profile clients, such as former Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

“We will be very collegial,” were Severino’s first words as Minister. “None of us wants to be the protagonist, we will meet and we will make shared decisions.”


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