Winter Gold

Italian 9-mth gold jewelry exports up 7% yr/yr

Q3 demand up 5.4%; prices down 15.5%



America24, 27 gennaio 2014, 00:40

The value of Italian gold jewelry exports grew 6.9% in the first nine months of 2013 despite a steep drop in gold prices and a 1.4% dip in volume sales, according to the Vicenza Trade Show, Winter Gold.

The United Arab Emirates and Switzerland accounted for 40% of export value - 22% and 20% respectively - followed by the U.S. with 9% and France with 6%. France was first in volume, at 8%, followed by the U.S. and Spain.

Unit value of exports rose 8.4% for the period from the year before.

In the third quarter, volume demand rose 5.4%, with prices down 15.5% due to a plunge in gold prices.


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