Gentili: Let's not Play With Fire Again

Italy Has to Push on Growth,


Review Italy

America24, 28 dicembre 2011, 10:44

By Guido Gentili

This article was originally published in il Sole 24 Ore.

How is this possible? We approved a significant budget package (mostly fiscal), we decided to bring forward to 2013 the balanced budget, we carried out a historical pension reform that has become the example to follow in all of Europe (including Germany) and we threw some important seeds to for growth to pick up again.

In short we did our homework well but the earthquake (10-year BTps and German Bunds spread) is always there, showing a high fever for Italy despite the strong remedy. Something is missing. Was it better to keep a paralyzed political government? Is the government of professors good in theory and not in practice? This Europe is suffocating us, should we kick it away?

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