Europe Needs a Restructuring Plan for Italy

Lack of Growth and Competitiveness Shows that "Full Monti" Will Not be Enough


Review Italy

America24, 28 dicembre 2011, 10:35

Italian Premier Mario Monti has announced the beginning of a “Phase Two” for its government which is now focusing on achieving economic growth. But according to the economist Edward Hugh’s analysis “the Full Monti” treatment will not be enough by itself. Focusing on the reasons of the lack of competitiveness and growth which affected the country through the last decade, Hugh points out that, “Italy is both too big to fail and too big to be bailed out, which is why it is still hanging dangerously in limbo-land.”

“Some sort of restructuring or other is well nigh inevitable in the Italian case, the sooner Europe’s leaders work up a credible plan on how to achieve this, the better. Otherwise it will not only be Italy’s citizens who are subjected to the Full Monti, Europe’s leaders may also find themselves with their credibility stripped naked.”

Read here Edward Hugh’s analysis.


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