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Berlusconi Confirms He Won’t Run Again

The ex Premier Said His Party Will Support Monti


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America24, 20 dicembre 2011, 10:34

The former premier Silvio Berlusconi confirmed that he will not run again for office, but that he will still be involved in politics.

“I will leave politics only when Italy will be a free market country for real. My duty is not over. I resigned because I thought that in this hard moment Italy needed unity and solidarity among political parties. A sacrifice was needed and I did it,” Berlusconi said in an interview with the gossip weekly magazine “Chi” – which is owned by his own publishing house, Mondadori.

Asked about the election, Berlusconi said that, “a generational change is needed.” He added that the 41-year-old “Angelino Alfano will be an excellent premier.” Alfano was minister of Justice in the Berlusconi’s Cabinet, and is currently the secretary of Berlusconi's centre-right party People of the Freedom. .

Berlusconi called current Italian premier Mario Monti, “a concrete and savvy person.” “I have promised him my loyal collaboration, even if he will need the approval of the Parliament, where my political coalition has still the majority.” He added.

The newspaper il Sole 24 Ore reported on Tuesday that at a dinner with member of his party Berlusconi said, “If had done the measures Monti is doing, I would have been lynched at the very least.”


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